Thursday, June 24

Holistic Information On The Gabapentin Drug Class


Gabapentin tablets are used along with the other medication to help control seizures caused in the condition of epilepsy. They are also used to relieve the pain of postherpetic neuralgia. The gabapentin drug class extended-release tablets are used to treat restless legs syndrome. Belonging to the class of medications called anticonvulsants. Gabapentin helps reduce seizures by reducing abdominal excitement in the brain. It relieves PHN’s pain, which changes the process by the body senses pain, hence rerouting the pain and causes less pain in the end.

Gabapentin is an oral solution that has to be taken by the mouth and should be taken with a full glass of water, with or without food, three times a day. The medication should be evenly spaced throughout the day and night, leaving not more than 12 hours without the medication. The instructions on the prescription label should be followed carefully, and the patient should not hesitate to ask the doctor any part, which is not comprehended. The gabapentin drug class should be taken exactly as directed; taking more or less could alter the body conditions altogether. Gabapentin can help control the situation, but it cannot cure the condition. Do not stop using the medication without your doctor’s knowledge; you might face side effects such as unusual changes in behavior and mood.


Effects and precautions

With a lot of usages, you can experience withdrawal symptoms such as

  • anxiety
  • falling asleep
  • nausea
  • sweating

if you take the medication to treat seizures and then abruptly stop taking the medication, you might experience seizures more often. On request, your doctor can reduce your dosage gradually over at least a week. Before taking the tablet, take your antacid, if you are taking any, 2 hours before taking this. Inform your doctor of your current body diseases like lung diseases or heart diseases; the doctor would have to adjust the dosage accordingly. Alcohol, taken along with the medication, adds to the drowsiness caused by the medication. Make sure to keep your mental health fresh while on the medication; it could cause many mood swings and might bring out a lot of suicidal tendencies.